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  • Microblading (Initial) 400

    A tattooing technique in which a small handheld tool made of several tiny needles is used t o add semi-permanent pigment to the skin.

  • Microblading (4 -8 Week) 150

    Touch up after first initial session.

  • Microblading (6 months - 1 year) 200

    Annual follow-up.

  • Microblading (1 year or longer) 350

    Annual follow-up.

  • Lip Blushing 300

    Semi-permanent malice applied to lips.​


  • Chemical Peel 250 PT

    Per Treatment. Decide between a light peel to deep peel with a physician strength chemical.

  • Micro-Needling Facial 500

    Micro-needling in which an add on of PRP can be added.

  • Hair Treatment 500

    Micro-needling in which an add on of Minoxidil can be added.

  • PRP Treatment 295

    Add on to any treatment to increase healing, increase collagen production.

  • Custom Compounded Hair Treatment 300

    Minoxidil Hair Treatment

  • VIP Facial 150

    Alastin Hair

  • Dermaplaning 150

    with Epionce

  • Facial with Extractions 150
  • Refresh & Clean Facial 149

    Dermaplaning & Facial with Epionce 1 hour

  • Calming & Clean 99

    Epionce Facial with Mask with 10 min massage 45 min

  • Buff & Shine 99

    Extractions with Facial. 45 min

  • Exclusive Facial 179

    Facial / Dermaplaning / Extractions 1:15min

  • VP Facial 199

    Alastin 1:30

  • Executive Facial 229

    Biopelle: 1:30

We are injectables specialists in the Grapevine, Colleyville, Southlake area.

When it comes to injectables like Botox and Dermal Fillers, it can really be an art getting the right look you desire. That’s why it’s so important that you find a skilled injector. Our injector is one of the best in the Grapevine, Southlake, Colleyville area, with years of experience in perfecting the art of treating gently and thoroughly while honoring our client’s natural beauty.


  • Botox 10

    Per Unit. Safe and effective way for reduction of facial wrinkles.

  • Juvaderm Ultra Plus XC/ Ultra XC 600

    Plump Lips and Add Volume.

  • Juvaderm Volbella XC 650

    Plump Lips and Add Volume.

  • Juvaderm Vollure XC 600

    Smooth moderate to severe facial lines

  • Juvaderm Voluma XC 700

    Lift and add volume to cheek area.

  • PDO Threads ASK

    Ask for pricing.


  • Full Make-Up with Lashes 50
  • Wedding Per Person 85

    $1.00 a mile to travel.

  • Eyebrow Tinting 25

    Henna Tint applied to eyebrow. Lasting 3-6 weeks.

  • Eyebrow Shaping 7

    Shaping eyebrows.

  • Lashes - Hybrid 80

    Mix of Eyelashes to Enhance your eyes. Lash Hybrid Fill - $50

  • Lashes - Dramatic 90

    Enhance your eyes. Lash Dramatic Fill - $60

  • Lashes - Volumn 100

    Enhance your eyes. Lash Volumn Fill - $65

  • Lashes - Falsies 115

    Enhance your eyes. Lash Falsies Fill - $65

  • Lashes - MEGA 125

    Enhance your eyes. Lash MEGA Fill - $75

We Are The New Lash Girls Of Grapevine!

We like to say that lashes are a girl’s best friend, because the difference they can make it dramatic. One of our favorite things is seeing our clients reactions the first time they see themselves with lash extensions.

Eye lash extensions are semi-permanent synthetic lashes that are applied over your natural lashes with a medical grade waterproof adhesive. These are not the same as the faux lashes you can purchase at the store. Eye lash extensions are generally higher quality and are applied hair-by-hair to create a more natural look over your existing lashes, rather than as one whole strip.

The extensions come in a variety of lengths and volumes, depending on the style that you’re looking for. They are perfect for creating a natural looking length and volume to your existing lashes.

Diore Med Spa Lash Extensions

Full Lash Sets

The application of a full set of lashes is tedious and typically takes about 2 hours to apply. This is because the lashes are applied hair-by-hair over your existing lashes to create the most natural look possible. The lashes are applied using a medical grade, waterproof adhesive that is colored black, so when applied to your eye it gives the appearance of permanent mascara. We offer 5 different styles, with varying degrees of length and volume to match whatever look you want to achieve. Pricing varies based on the style.



Touch-Ups & Refills

Because you naturally shed and regrow eyelashes on a daily basis, this will cause your extensions to fall out as well. It’s normal to lose your lash extensions as you shed your natural lashes. When you lose lash extensions, it can be more noticeable than when you lose your regular lashes, because they are much longer and more pronounced. This means you will want to come in to get regular refills and touch-ups to maintain the appearance of your full lashes. It’s recommended that you come in for touch-ups about every 2-4 weeks, but this is up to each individual.


  • Eyebrow 12
  • Lip 8
  • Full Face 50
  • Arm Pits 17
  • Bikini 25
  • Buttocks 25
  • Legs (Full) 67
  • Legs (Half) 43
  • Nose 14
  • Arms (Full) 45
  • Arms (Half) 30
  • Chest 55
  • Back 15
  • Ears 15
  • Hands 15
  • Feet 15